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Repairs & Service

Onsite Service and Repairs

Shop Labor

On-Site Shop Labor

Shop Supplies

Varies by project

5% of labor fees

This is calculated on every invoice

Mobile Service Rate

Rates are calculated from Zomer RV in Orange City Iowa

0-30 Miles
30-100 Miles
100+ Miles




Shop Services

Camper Wash (up to 30 Ft)

Camper Wash (Over 31 Ft)

Camper Waxing

Quick Wash - $100

Deep Wash - $185

Quick Wash - $150

Up to 30 Ft - $195

Deep Wash - $240

Over 30 Ft - $245

Wheel Bearings, Brakes & Tires Inspection

Single Axle - $80

Double Axle - $90

Flush Out Water Heater

Blow Out Refrigerator Vent

Roof Inspection

Class A - Basement A/C Repair

Triple Axle - $100




$110/hour + Materials

Repairs Estimate

Estimate - Non-Insurance

If we do the repairs, estimate fee will be refunded on final invoice.  Estimate fee is due up front.


Estimate - Insurance

We submit quotes to all insurance and warranty companies. If we do the repairs, estimate fee will be taken off of final invoice.  Estimate fee is due up front.

Varies on Time

Varies on Time

Winterization Options

Indoor Cold Storage

$2.10/FT Per Month

Outside Cold Storage

Basic Winterization

Winterize Appliances

Flush Out Water Heater

Flush Out Black Tank

Wash Out A/C







Blow Out Refrigerator Vent

Mice Control

Battery removal 

Generator Fuel Stabilizer



$20/Trailer or $30/Chassis or $55/House


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