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Jim and Audrey Zomer started Zomer RV & Rentals, formerly known as Zomer Camper Rentals, in 2002 with the goal of providing affordable camping experiences to families in the area.


It first started when their friends would ask to use their pop up camper, if they weren't using it on certain dates. They soon found their camper busy all summer long with everyone else. So another camper was purchased and started Zomer Camper Rentals. They continued to grow buying more campers and soon they had to rent a lot to park all the campers. All of the upkeep and parts were in their house and garage. The repairs and waxing were done in their driveway. In 2013, 15 campers later, they decided to hire some help and then 3 years later in 2016, they purchased their present location at 907 HWY 10 W in Orange City IA and changed their name to Zomer Rentals.


Zomer's now rents out equipment, trailers, and specializes in camper/RV repairs along with their camper/RV rentals. The Zomer's main focus is seeing families being able to rent a camper,or ,motor-home to share a great family experience. To this day that is still the drive behind everyday life at Zomer Rentals and keeping their campers in "A" one condition is a constant goal for all.

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