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What Our Customers Say

They had all the parts I needed for my RV repairs I and helped me diagnose and fix the more complicated wiring and electrical issues that Camping World couldn't figure out. Friendly and helpful service! Highly recommend! I even bought a few things in their store: hammock, camp table. Fair prices and a very happy customer!"

Jared Storer

We've rented campers from Zomer's for several years and couldn't be happier with the campers we've rented. They have wonderful customer service and a huge selection to choose from. All the campers come stocked and are ready to go. Would recommend to anyone looking to get away but not wanting to make an investment in a camper of their own."

Jennifer Hurley

Very nice RVs at a great rental price. Even driving from Spirit Lake to get it saved money over staying in a hotel. They give you linens for all the beds that are in the rv as well as dishes and silverware. If you are planning on camping in the lakes area, reserve you camp site, rent your rv from here and the only other thing you would need to bring is some food. Highly recommend!"

Brandon Rohrig

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